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Special Verses




       Some Verses That Are Special To Us                                                   

"To Summer's radiant heights                                 To my dearest Emma:

The sun in shining majesty ascends;                       "Into spirit worlds I will send-

It takes my human feeling                                      The faithful love which here we found

Into its own wide realms of space.                           That we might be united soul with soul.

Within my inner being stirs                                      So may you find my thinking ever loving

Presentiment which heralds dimly,                            When from the spirits light filled lands

You shall in future know:                                         You searching turn your gaze of soul

A godly being now has touched you."                         To see what here in me you seek."

            R Steiner                                                                                                R Steiner




In this verse, we feel Emma is speaking to us:

"I was united with you,

So remain united in me.

Together we shall speak

The speech of eternal being.

Together we shall act,

Where the results of the deeds are at work.

Together we shall weave in spirit,

Where human thought is woven,

In the word of eternal thought."

                R Steiner

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